Faith Focused Solutions

Faith-Focused Solutions is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program specifically developed to equip Christian leaders and those serving in faith based communities. These specialised coaching skills will enhance what you do and enable others to grow and flourish in their lives. Our coaching approach is based on a set of fundamental principles and assumptions, with an elegant set of coaching tools developed from Solution Focused Practice. This unique way of coaching is a powerful and engaging process that can facilitate awareness and enhance a person’s life vision and purpose. The trainers bring a strong faith-based perspective and are highly credentialed and experienced, with deep roots in Christian ministry.

ICF Accredited Coach Training

Faith Focused Solutions is a specialized coach training program offered by the Academy of Solution Focused Training, a pioneering global coach training school since 2004. The Academy’s coach training is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, a gold-standard in the global coaching industry. Our training will qualify you for accreditation with the ICF.  We offer in-house coach training to build strong leadership and support communities.

Why Coaching?

Solution Focused Coaching is a powerful catalyst for facilitating desired changes and identifying small steps in the right direction. SF coaching connects with your resources and creative potential. The process collaboratively moves forward in a way that uniquely fits the person and people involved. It is an effective way of equipping seekers and leaders in all walks of life to excel in what they do. Coaching is anchored in powerful and respectful assumptions that facilitate wholeness and clarity in working with others.

Drawing from experience in missions

The team draws from real life experiences in ministry and in active leadership development in local ministry in the US, Africa, and Asia. The depth and breadth of experiences provides a rich backdrop as we apply a Solution Focused mindset to cultivate effective spiritual leadership and guidance.

Drawing from experience in coach training

Our team has been actively providing accredited coach training since 2004. We have developed uniquely effective tools and materials to make coach training a valuable and transformative experience. We are committed to the highest standards of coaching and coach training, as an accredited coach training school with the International Coaching Federation.

  • This program is accredited through the Academy of Solution Focused Training as an ACTP by the International Coaching Federation, the international gold-standard for coach training programs guaranteeing the international recognition of the quality of the training.

  • Upon completion of the program, participants will qualify for certification with the International Coaching Federation with our graduation certificate.

  • A “one-stop-shop”, the program provides all the training hours needed for individual certification and the most direct pathway to Professional Certified Coach.

  • You can stop after 60 hours to apply for Associate Certified Coach once you have completed all the requirements for Level 1 Training.

  • For complete information go to ICF:

ICF – Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

IASTI – Certified Solution Focused Practitioner

CCPC – Certified Advanced Solution Focused Coach

  1. Complete your training with the Academy of SF Training

  2. Pay the ICF credentialing fee

  3. Attest to your coaching hours

  4. Submit your ‘Certificate of Completion’ from the Academy of SF Training

  5. Pass the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment

  6. Receive three individual mentor coaching hours with a PCC or MCC coach.

Level 1: Fundamentals in Coaching

Training Modules

Module 1: Foundations of Solutions Focused Coaching

Module 2:  Microskills in SF Coaching

​​Program Requirements

  • 40 hours – Equivalent of 6 days F2F Training
  • 10 hours Self-study
  • 10 hours Mentor Coaching (7 group and 3 individual)
  • Observed Coaching, Peer Coaching, ACC Assessment

Level 1 Training provides a solid foundation in the mindset and philosophy of solution focused coaching, the basic coaching framework, key questioning techniques and observance of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and ICF Ethics. A skills-based coach training program, it includes sharing information, demonstrations, reflections, discussions, practice, Mentor Coaching, Observed Coaching and Performance Evaluation. Direct path to ACC.

Your investment:

SGD $4,800 / USD $3,600


  • Solution Focused Practitioner (IASTI)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

Level 2: Coaching in Organisations

Training Modules

Module 1: Leadership Coaching

Module 2: Host as Leader

Module 3: Coaching Clinic

Program Requirements

  • 55 hours – Equivalent of 8 days F2F Training
  • 10 hours Self-Study
  • Continuation of Mentor Coaching
  • Observed Coaching, Peer Coaching, PCC Assessment

Level 2 Training builds on the basic Solution Focused coaching framework and skills. The training offers an opportunity to apply coaching tools to manage a variety of situations: team coaching, leadership coaching; change management; conflict situations; relationship issues, etc. The coaching clinic will focus on observed coaching practice and feedback, using the ICF core coaching competencies. Level 2 includes Performance Evaluation. Direct path to PCC.

Your Investment:

SGD $5,600 / USD $4,200


  • Advanced SF Coach (IASTI)
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach (CCPC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Training Format

Our training is interactive and experiential with a focus on developing coaching competencies. Training is conducted in English, using online Zoom video conferencing. Zoom software is easy to use on any internet-connected device and can be downloaded below via the link.

Who we are

We are a global team, with a rich and diverse background in Christian ministry, coaching, mentoring, supervision, therapy and training. Focused on bringing the best to leaders in Christian ministry, who want to enrich their influence and capability with internationally accredited coach training.

Dave Hogan, MTh, PCC, Trainer, Certified Coach, Trainer & Mentor Coach, Singapore, USA

Dave is the Director/Owner of the Academy of Solution Focused Training. He has a BA degree in French (Harding University) and an MTh (Harding School of Theology). Asia has been home since the age of 6: formative years in Pakistan and Singapore as a missionary kid and adult years deeply involved in ministry and cross-cultural missions, individual and team coaching, mentoring and leadership development.  Dave has been training coaches since 2004, runs an ICF accredited coach training program, is a founding member of IASTI and co-editor of Solution Focused Practice in Asia. He has served with the Moulmein church of Christ in Singapore for more than 40 years.

Joe Cannon, MAR, MSFP, PCC, Certified Coach, Trainer, USA
​Joe has a background in psychology and counseling, having worked as a psychological examiner, therapist and family counselor across a variety of private, community and faith-based settings.  Joe is certified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  He is an instructor in Shuri Ryu Karate and has practiced many bodywork modalities including Thai Medical Massage, Soft Tissue Release and Reiki. He is a Master Solution Focused practitioner with IASTI and a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF. Joe is currently a Life Coach and an Associate Trainer and Supervisor with the Academy of Solution Focused Training and coach trainer with SolutionsAcademy.

Dennis Welch, BBS, PCC, Certified Coach, Trainer & Mentor Coach, Cambodia

Dennis, a former career Air Traffic Controller in Dallas, TX, holds a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX. He has served as a missionary, church planter, trainer, and coach in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since 2008. He specializes in using the Solution Focused Approach in his ministry activities, including small group Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship and cell groups in addition to other coaching scenarios.  Faith-Focused Solutions welcomed him onboard as an Associate Trainer, Cambodia for the Academy in 2020.