Solution Focused Practice

Solution Focused Practice is a future-oriented, competency-based approach, with a solid evidence-based practice and a robust body of research. It has roots at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California and in social constructivism, with strong links to neuroscience. With a deep connection and influence from the brilliant psychiatrist, Milton Erickson, it was developed by Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg and their colleagues at the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They spent more than 25 years observing hundreds of hours of sessions and preserved what supported desired client change and discarded what didn’t, carefully paying attention to the questions, behaviors, and emotions that helped clients form realistic, achievable, real-life solutions.

SFBT highlights the client’s capabilities and helps them adopt an alternative perspective on their future to build a more realistic and optimistic perspective and help them be aware of their successes, both past and present. It is a pragmatic approach, and draws from what has worked and is working in a person’s life and build’s on these successes to co-create small steps that the client is invested in doing. This model of counseling and consultation began in the therapy room and has been successfully expanded to many other settings. such as education, hospitals. prisons,  government policy, corporate setting, social services and many more. 

The Solution Focused approach is a highly effective model in therapy, education, coaching, consultancy and organizational development.

2023 Solution Focused Brief Therapy Training

Level 1: Solution Focused Practitioner​

Training Schedule 

Intake 1: Jan – Mar, 9:00 – 5:00 – Open

  • Foundations of SFBT Part 1: 12 – 13 Jan
  • Foundations of SFBT Part 2: 2 – 3 Feb
  • Microskills in SFBT: 9 – 10 Mar

Intake 2: Apr – May, 9:00 – 5:00 – Open

  • Foundations of SFBT Part I:  11 – 12 Apr
  • Foundations of SFBT Part 2:  2 – 3 May
  • Microskills in SFBT:  23 – 24 May

Intake 3: Jul – Aug, 9:00 – 5:00 – Open

  • Foundations of SFBT Part 1:  3 – 4 Jul
  • Foundations SFBT Part 2: 31 Jul – 1 Aug
  • Microskills in SFBT:  28 – 29 Aug

Intake 4: Oct – Dec, 9:00 – 5:00 – Open

  • Foundations of SFBT Part 1:  9 – 10 Oct
  • Foundations of SFBT Part 2:  16 – 17  Nov
  • Microskills in SFBT:  11 – 12  Dec

Training Requirements, 50 Hours

  • Basic degree
  • 6 days Training (42 hrs)
  • Self – Study (4 hrs)
  • Supervision (3 hrs)
  • Oral Exam (1 hr)

Level 1 Certification Fee

  • Enroll in full program
    • 3,000 SGD/2245 USD: Training + Supervision + Oral Exam 
  • Enroll per workshop
    • $750 / Pax  | Groups: $650 / pax
    • $850: Supervision + Oral Exam

Click button below to pay for the full program via PayPal. Additional fee is added if paying by credit card for a total of SGD $3,140/ USD $2,350

Level 2: Advanced Solution Focused Practitioner

Level 3: Master Solution Focused Practitioner

  Certification requirements, 50 Hours

  • Successful completion of Level 1 
  • 6 days Training (42 hrs)
  • Self-Study (4 hrs)
  • Supervision (3 hrs)
  • Oral Exam (1 hr)

​   Modules

Mod 1: Prepare & Enrich for Couples, 18 – 19 May – OPEN

Mod 2: Solution Focused Education, 8, 15 Jul – OPEN 

Mod 3: Solution Focused Supervision, 28 – 29 Sep – OPEN

Level 2 & Level 3 Certification Fee

  • Enroll in full program​​
    • $3,000: Training + Supervision + Oral Exam + Certification
  • Enroll per module
    • $750 / pax | Groups: $650 / pax
  • Enroll for Supervision
    • $850: Supervision + Oral Exam + Certification​

Modules can be taken individually. Once the participant completes 3 modules (equivalent of 6 days training), they can enroll in Supervision and the Oral exam. Once training of 42 hours is accomplished + supervision + self-study + passing the oral assessment, they will qualify for certification.

Certifications We Offer

  • Level 1:  Certified Solution Focused Practitioner
  • Level 2:  Advanced Solution Focused Practitioner
  • Level 3:  Master Solution Focused Practitioner 

Training Format 

International Appeal

  • Convenient for Global audience 
  • Assessable training and certification
  • Connect to a Global community

Taking the SF training with the academy has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my professional and personal life. Not only has it given me the tools and confidence to practice as a SF therapist over the past many years, it has taught me a radically different way of looking at the difficulties I’ve faced in my own life. Debbie is truly an inspiring teacher, mentor and coach and I’d wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take SF training with Debbie.

Joan Low, Senior School Counsellor, MOE, Yishun JC

I took time to let all the info sink in and made my cheat sheet of questions and I tried it with my students on Friday. Wow! It was SO POWERFUL when we focus on strengths and solutions rather than the problems! I stopped taking the monkeys from my students and I can feel the difference in myself after the whole day – I didn’t feel as drained or as incompetent, even though I had to see three self-harm students in a row. By focusing on the solutions, what they have done, and what they want differently really helps bring the ownership of the situation back to the students! Thank you, Debbie, you’re really a great inspiration! I look forward to the next time I get to learn from you again!”

Kathleen, MOE, School Counsellor

Thank you for the 6 days of training! I’ve truly enjoyed learning and practicing solution talk. It has opened my eyes to new techniques and tools to add into my toolkit when working with clients. I like that it is such a strengths based approach which guides the practitioner to view the client as having the resources to be able to come up with their own solutions. I’m excited to use the techniques learnt with my clients.

Abigail Dui, Singapore Prison Service

I would like to say that the six days spent have given me a wonderful insight into SFBT. I find the live demos, observational videos, and the examples of the variation of questions particularly useful in aiding me towards a better understanding of how SFBT is put into practice. Thank you for the guidance, the wisdom, and the sharing of knowledge.

Norirwansah Bin Ramli, Singapore Children’s Society