A: No, we do not charge an application fee. 

A: Yes. Once we receive the registration, Vivian Shou will issue an invoice. You can pay via our Singapore based DBS account as a direct deposit and avoid credit card and Paypal fees.

A: Our therapy program teaches you how to use the SF principles and processes in a therapy context. Our coaching program will enable you to earn professional credentials as a coach, with the ICF. This means you will be part of the global coaching community. Coaching can be a non-threatening and non-pathology based platform to help clients achieve what is important to them. In many contexts, coaching is a preferred way of connecting, especially to younger generations. 

The Academy is accredited with the ICF as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), which includes Level 1 and Level 2. Both levels lead to accreditation. Level 1 leads to Associate Coach Credential (ACC) and Level 2 to PCC. Level 3 is MCC which is the highest credential with the ICF. 

A: Once your 1:1 mentor coaching and coaching hours (100 for ACC, 500 for PCC) are completed you can apply for the credential. You will need a Certificate of Completion (provided by our coaching academy) to apply. 

A: We offer the ICF Coach Training – Level 1 – Foundations of SF Coaching. This course provides all the necessary hours needed for ACC through the ICF. The Academy of SF Training is accredited through ICF. The course cost is $4,800 SGD. It includes:

  1. 40 hours Coach training
  2. 10 hours Mentor coaching
  3. 10 hours Self-study
  4. Level 1 Assessment

After completing the training you can apply through the ICF for the certification.