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The First Book of its Kind

Published in 2017, Solution Focused Practice in Asia (edited by Debbie Hogan, Dave Hogan, Jane Tuomola, and Alan K.L. Yeo) demonstrates the usefulness of the solutions focused approach in the Asian context. Its aim is to stimulate the curious and inspire the converted. The examples offer creative ways in which solution focused practice can be used with the hope that practitioners will give the practice serious consideration as a viable, evidence-based approach.

“This is an impressive book… As I read this book I am reminded of something Steve de Shazer said, ‘SF is a slow virus sometimes someone tells me that they heard about this stuff 10 years ago, didn’t like it, thought it was over-simplistic, and now it has eaten itself into their practice in such a way that they can’t stop doing it.’ I think Asia is infected.” – Harry Korman, Sweden

“This is a showcase book, a convincing account of how a solution focused approach can be applied to almost any area of life in any part of the world.” – Chris Iveson, UK

“This book can and should be read by anyone interested in understanding the full scope of SF practices.” – Yvonne Dolan, USA

​”... you will find many inspiring new ideas on how SF work can be done, in ways that will work throughout the world.” – Therese Steiner, Switzerland

Solution Focused Practice Around the World

SF at Work Globally

Solution Focused Practice Around the World (Jan 2021, edited by Kirsten Dierolf, Debbie Hogan, 
Svea van der Hoorn, Sukanya Wignaraja), is a collection from Solution Focused practitioners from all over the world. It is a result of the first global conference on Solution Focused Practice in 2018. It includes presentations from all continents and a great variety of fields: therapy, social work, education, business, organisational work, youth work, etc. This book demonstrates how far SF thought has developed and spread since its beginnings at the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee in the 1980’s.

“A rich compendium of ideas, tips and shared experiences from SF enthusiasts in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Great job!” – Jenny Clarke, Director: SF Works, UK

“Chapters describe Solution-Focused practice from different contexts (coaching, therapy and others) and from different perspectives (e.g. research, and others) and show how diverse and creative Solution-Focused is applied around the world.”  – Ursula Buehlmann, Switzerland

“This book is an important contribution to all SF practioners worldwide. Topics vary from applying SF in music to working with refugee torture survivors. All practitioners can benefit from the creative applications of SF .” – Sara (Smock) Jordan, PhD, LMFT, Program Director UNLV, Editor-in-Chief JSFP

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