ICF Solution Focused Coach Training

Foundations in SF Coaching

Begin your coaching journey with a framework and elegant set of coaching tools that enables you to coach with confidence and competence

Coaching in Organizations

Expand your coaching to include Team Coaching, Leadership Coaching and organisational change management

Master Certified Coach Masterclass Course

Explore the art of Masterful Coaching, discover your own MCC voice and develop your unique style

Find out more about our ICF Accredited Solution Focused Coach Training

Level 1: 60 hours for Associate Certified Coach

Level 2: 65 hours for PCC, Professional Certified Coach

Level 3: 75 hours for MCC, Master Certified Coach

The Academy of SF Training has been training and equipping coaches since 2004 and the first to bring Solution Focused Coaching and Certification to Asia. 

With the Academy, you have the most direct pathway to Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC).

A “One-Stop-Shop” the Academy provides all the training needed for individual credentials.

  • Gain a greater sense of mastery and competence in your coaching practice
  • Learn an elegant set of coaching tools and facilitate powerful and sustainable results with your clients

  • Beginning coaches who want to develop their coaching skills
  • Experienced coaches who want to expand and deepen their existing coaching skills

Evidence based systemic approach 

  • Firm theoretical foundation with roots at Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California
  • Foundations in philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, social constructivism, links to neuroscience
  • A coherent coaching framework that integrates with ICF coaching competencies

Respectful, future and resource oriented

  • Shared core assumptions that enable coaches to work powerfully and efficiently
  • Profound respect and belief in our client’s competencies and utilizing their capabilities 
  • Co-construction of desired outcome that facilitates forward movement

Fast development of qualified coaches

  • Focus is primarily on grounding in an effective coaching framework and coaching tools 
  • Interactive, participatory, experiential with ample opportunities to practice
  • Facilitates coaches development of coaching competencies through practice and feedback

SF coaching is based on a set of fundamental principles and assumptions about the capability of people and their potential. SF is future-oriented, as the coach is curious about what the coachee wants better, different or improved as a result of the coaching. SF coaches take time to explore words and meanings, as the conversation develops around a clear description of the desired outcome.

SF coaching uses a variety of tools, in the form of powerful questions, to develop the conversation in the desired direction. SF coaches respect and value past experiences of the coachee as important resources. Rather than exploring the dreaded past as blocks or hinderances, the past becomes a vital resource for learning and developing resilience, for present and future success. 

SF coaches remain in a ‘not-knowing’ stance and bring curiosity to the coaching space. Having clarity around what is desired, versus not wanted, makes it easier to work toward something, instead of away from something.  There is keen interest on partnering and building collaboration, so that the journey and destination taken together are based on what is important to the client.  There is a strong emphasis on coaching the ‘who’ of the client, rather than just focusing on ‘what’ they want to do.

SF questions tend to open possibilities and evoke creative thinking. The coachee, with a heightened sense of self-efficacy and capability, is able to make small steps forward with a sense of hope.

  • Solution Focused Coaching focuses on what can be changed and how – instead of the ‘blame frame’ 
  • With coaches trained in SF, the feedback, leadership and meeting culture will change toward the positive
  • Some organisations have reported a three times improvement in meeting efficiency and performance conversations that people actually look forward to
  • In these times of rapid change, coaches want to insure a high level of performance and excellent results
  • The personal skills clients can develop through coaching as amongst the most sought after qualities in the modern business world.

Global Gold-Standard Coach Training

  • Accredited Coach Training by the International Coaching Federation 
  • International gold-standard for coach training, with global recognition
  • Level 1 Coach Training of 60 hours leads to Associate Certified Coach
  • Level 1 of 60 hours + Level 2 of 65 hours leads to Professional Certified Coach
  • A one-stop-shop for your credentials with the ICF

What Certifications Can I Earn​?

  • Level 1: Associate Certified Coach
  • Level 2: Professional Certified Coach

What do I need for a Level 1 or Level 2 ICF Accreditation?

  • Complete Level 1 of 60 hours and pass Level 1 Assessment for ACC
  • Complete Level 2 of 65 hours and pass Level 2 Assessment for PCC
  • Receive 3 hours of individual mentor coaching with a PCC or MCC coach
  • Pay the ICF credentialing fee for ACC or PCC
  • Submit the Certificate of Completion from the Academy of SF Training
  • Attest to your coaching hours (100 for ACC | 500 for PCC)
  • Pass the ICF Credentialing Exam

What Other Certifications Can I Earn​?


  • Level 1: Certified Solution Focused Practitioner
  • Level 2: Advanced Solution Focused Coach
  • Level 3: Master Solution Focused Coach


  • Level 1 & 2: Certified Solution Focused Coach

2024 Level 1 Coach Training

Level 1: Overview
Fundamentals of SF Coaching

Level 1 Training provides a solid foundation in the history, philosophy and mindset of Solution Focused Coaching, with a coherent coaching framework, and an elegant set of coaching tools and questioning techniques. The ICF Core Coaching Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics are reviewed and observed. With a focus on coaching skills development, the training program includes discussions, reflections, practice, demonstrations, Mentor Coaching and Observed Coaching.

Module 1:  Foundations of Solution Focused Coaching

  • Solid foundation into the philosophy of SF coaching
  • Learn SF core assumptions
  • Learn a coherent coaching framework 
  • Solid foundation of ICF Coaching Competencies and Ethics
  • Know key differences in coaching and other areas of practice
  • Learn an elegant set of coaching tools and powerful questions
  • Enhance how you approach and facilitate desired change 

Module 2:  Microskills in Solution Focused Coaching

  • Explore microanalysis of conversations and other relevant research
  • Explore how co-construction develops in coaching 
  • Expand and deepen your coaching toolkit
  • Participate in observed coaching and feedback with ICF Coaching Competencies
  • Deepen understanding of and share resources on ethics & DIA
  • Resources for establishing a coaching practice

Schedule Level 1 2024
Fundamentals of SF Coaching
60 hours | Online via Zoom | 12 pax

NEW! Two different times available.


Singapore GMT +8

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cohort 6: Jul – Aug 2024 – OPEN

  • Foundations of SF Coaching: 8 – 10 Jul
  • Microskills in Coaching: 19 – 21 Aug

Cohort 7: Oct – Nov 2024 – OPEN

  • Foundations in SF Coaching: 7 – 9 Oct
  • Microskills in Coaching: 4 – 6 Nov


7:00 am – 10:00 am CST

Cohort 4: March – May 2024 – CLOSED


Level 1 Program Requirements, 60 hours

  • 40 hours coach training
  • 10 hours Mentor Coaching + ACC Assessment
  • 10 Hours Self-study + Peer Coaching Groups
  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Certified Solution Focused Practitioner (IASTI)
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach (CCPC)

Your investment:  SGD $4,800/ USD $3,600

Includes training manual, powerpoint, sharing information, discussions, reflections, coaching practice, and live demonstrations.

2024 Level 2 Coach Training

Level 2: Coaching in Organizations

Level 2 Coach Training builds on the basic coaching framework and offers a range of coaching specialties to equip coaches with tools to manage a variety of coaching situations. 

Module 1: Leadership Coaching provides expanded skills development for coaching individuals, leaders, directors, CEOs, teams, and groups as an internal or external coach for conflict situations, performance issues, or change management.

Module 2: Team Coaching enables coaches to learn how to conduct team and group coaching by facilitating a team through a project using a full range of team coaching skills, tools and competencies. 

Module 3: Coaching Clinic focuses on observed coaching practice using the ICF core coaching competencies. Coaches will need to pass the PCC assessment and will need to receive 3 individual mentor coaching hours by a PCC or MCC credentialed coach with the ICF.

2024 Level 2 Schedule

Coaching in Organizations
65 hours | Online via Zoom | 12 pax

Trainers: Dave Hogan, MCC and Debbie Hogan, MCC

Cohort 1: June – AugustOPEN

SG Time Zone | 9:00am – 5:00pm

  • Leadership Coaching, 24 – 26 June 2024
  • Team Coaching, 15 – 17 July 2024
  • Coaching Clinic, 5 – 6 August 2024

Cohort 2: October – December – OPEN

SG Time Zone | 9:00am – 5:00pm

  • Leadership Coaching, 21 – 23 Oct 2024
  • Team Coaching, 18 – 20 Nov 2024
  • Coaching Clinic, 9 – 10 Dec 2024

Level 2 Program Requirements, 65 hours

  • Includes 55 hours coach training + 10 hours of self-study
  • Mentor and Observed Coaching
  • PCC Assessment


  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF – PCC)
  • Advanced Solution Focused Coach (IASTI)
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach (CCPC)

Your investment:  SGD $5,600 / USD $4,200

Includes training manual, powerpoint, sharing information, discussions, reflections, coaching practice, and live demonstrations

How do we train?

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What do previous participants say?

Lim Puay Sze, Director, Leadership, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office

PSD engaged the Academy of Solution Focused Training to provide coach training for our top public officers in 2017 and 2018. Apart from imparting coaching techniques through a good mix of lecture, games, videos and practice, the programme provided us ample opportunities to observe and learn from each other. The trainers were very experienced and highly skilled in helping the participants reflect on their experience to translate them into good actionable insights, in terms of potential improvement to their coaching style and techniques. The Solution Focused programme also shifted our mindsets about the coach’s role and their assumptions about the potential coachees. Beyond coaching, I found the Solution Focused approach valuable for my own self-development, as we began to reframe issues at the workplace and home. 

Cha Chee Seng, CSFP, PMP, PCC, Organisation Change Agent, Project Management Professional

2016 was one of the most positive, relevant and defining period in my personal and professional life. I experienced and witnessed effective and sustainable changes unfolded through SF Coach Training. SF has profoundly changed the way I deliver change in organizations and continues to create many big and small enlightening moments for me and my clients. I am most grateful for how Debbie continues to support the SF community in Asia.

Karen Leong, CSFP, Motivational Speaker, Author, Director, Influence Solutions

Debbie and Dave are exceptional coaches who bring in-depth experience and expertise to the coach training. I benefited tremendously from the practical coaching exercises and personalised guided feedback approach. Solutions focused coaching is especially relevant to the demands of our workplaces today. Debbie and Dave are the go-to coaches if you want to get certified. Highly recommended!

Cynthia Owens, CSFC, Journalist and Executive Coach

The Solution Focused coaching program offered by the Academy of SF has been the single best training for executive coaching that I’ve experienced. I was able to put this learning together in my executive coaching practice in Asia. The trainers are experienced SF Coaches and have a unique ability to connect with coaches who work across the corporate sector. This was the most valuable training for my work in the business world.

Lauren Houghton, CSFC, PCC, Performance Coach & Facilitator, Breakthru Leadership Pte Ltd

The program was unique and personally transformational. It embodies coaching as a way of being, rather than pursuing a certification, and embraces the power of asking “how to” rather than why. Change as a constant in the client’s life is something that can be expanded rather than managed. Thank you Debbie and Dave!