Social Impact

A group of talented Women in Rwanda have come together to develop themselves and others professionally through the Co-Learning & Coaching Cooperative (CCC). The CCC approach grows career competencies and certifications, opening up new opportunities for income from digital work in a context of high unemployment. Please consider partnering with the CCC to provide much-needed resources for these women such as financial sponsorship and peer coaching. As we all engage in professional development, the CCC provides a way for us to achieve our goals together.

Since 2018, we have been training and coaching women as they develop their work readiness competencies and work towards earning professional certifications. Currently, a select group of women are in training to be coaches and earn certification with IASTI and ICF through the Academy of Solution Focused Training. These pioneers will become a valuable local resource for future women joining the Co-Learning & Coaching Cooperative.

However, due to the economic conditions in Rwanda, many women find it challenging to afford even basic resources that many of us in developed countries would take for granted, such as internet access, a working computer, electricity, a safe place to work, even a desk and a chair. Without these types of resources professional training is just not possible and the range of employment opportunities is very small.

When given just basic resources these women accomplish amazing things and their motivation, discipline, and desire to help others is inspirational. With developed competencies for remote work and certifications in hand, full-time employment suddenly becomes a realistic possibility and is life changing for a woman and her family.

Contact us using the form below if you want to find out more. In addition, learn more about how the Academy of Solution Focused Training is involved in bringing Solution Focused practice to Rwanda!